How to Get Started

Nonchalant Dominance Community Guidelines by Broughy1322

Welcome to Nonchalant Dominance, a racing and gaming community! Joining here is not a way to play with Broughy1322 on live streams. Info on how to do that is here.

Nonchalant Dominance is a community on these forums and our Discord server. These forums are the main place to be to participate in pre-organised events, get involved in the community at large, and race properly/make friends with other like minded people. This thread will explain how we do things here and how to get involved!

What To Do First
If you're at all confused about what to do first this list should help clear things up.

1) First and foremost is the Community Guidelines. This will explain a lot about our community, how we do things, and how to not get kicked/banned! This thread contains our community guidelines and you can read them by simply continuing to read below.

2) Post an introduction! Let us know who you are and why you came here by creating a new thread on the Introductions board. You can get to the Introductions board by clicking here:, or find the it within the General board accessible via the home page.

3) Join the Nonchalant Dominance Discord server to chat to fellow members and join in on some racing by following the steps here:

4) To get more involved in the community, such as joining the GTA crew, gaining access to more Discord rooms, and being eligible to participate in pre-organised events, you'll have to become a Verified NoDo Member. You can do this by following the easy steps outlined here:

5) Log in every day, get involved in events and discussions, and have fun!

NoDo Member Ranks

Member RankForum StarsDiscord PermissionsHow To Achieve
New Member1LimitedSign Up To Forum
Unverified Member2LimitedReach 5 Forum Posts
Verified Member3FullComplete Steps Here
Loyal Member4ExtraComplete Steps Here
Community Moderator5Mod OptionsCase-by-case Basis

Forum Index

As a very quick explanation of a forum, it is basically a collection of "boards" which all have different topics. Within boards you have other boards and "threads" which contain "posts" made by members. You're reading a post right now, and if you want a simple overview of all the boards that make up this forum you'll find that below.
Information & Announcements
Help & Support
--- Forum Support
--- Tech Support
--- Introductions
--- Forum Games
--- Sports
--- Culture
--- Current Events

GTA Online
General GTA
--- Research & Bugs
--- Heists
--- The Pit Lane
Content Creator
--- PS4 Creations
--- XB1 Creations
--- PC Creations
GTA Events
--- Event Submission
--- PS4 Events
--- XB1 Events
--- PC Events
--- Completed Events

Racing Games
Gran Turismo
Forza Motorsport
Project Cars
Other Racing Games
Racing Game Events
--- Event Submission
--- PS4 Events
--- XB1 Events
--- PC Events
--- Completed Events

Project Homecoming: Racing
Other FiveM Servers
FiveM Events
--- Event Submission
--- Completed Events

Other Games
Other Games In General
Other Game Events
--- Event Submission
--- PS4 Events
--- XB1 Events
--- PC Events
--- Completed Events

Community Guidelines Index

1. Community Guidelines
2. Racing Guidelines
3. Event Guidelines
4. The GTA Crews
5. How To Deal With Problem Players
6. What Happens To Problem Players
7. GTA Glitching, Modding, and Exploits Guidelines